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Jorge Prieto Martin


After 6 years within Ernst & Young as an International Mobility
Manager (Tax, Labor Law and Social Security), I joined GDF SUEZ as the Head of International Mobility. With a portfolio of 500 expatriates and a team of 10 people, I set up and managed the Group's expatriate management center for five years.

In 2011, I created RHExpat to offer technical and operational expertise to companies wishing to develop or strengthen international mobility within their organization. The development of RHExpat was concretized by the arrival of my partner Damien Labdouche, who, thanks to his expertise in International Mobility, enabled us to respond to the strong growth of our clients.

E-mail : jorge.prieto-martin@rhexpat.com
Damien Labdouche


I acquired my expertise in international mobility within major French and foreign groups. I first started my career at IBM at the door of International assignment tax team Leader for 2 years, in France and Hungary. I then joined GDF SUEZ to hold the position of Head of the Taxation and Package division for 4 years in the center of expertise dedicated to the management of expatriate employees of the Group. I finally joined ALSTOM as Manager of the EMEA International Mobility Team.

With these years of expertise in areas such as taxation or social security for expatriate employees, I joined RHExpat in January 2014, where I am generally in charge of advising on technical issues related to Mobility and more specifically on the issues of remuneration.

E-mail : damien.labdouche@rhexpat.com