step by step- EXpatriation


The date of the return of the employee to its home location is something that must be clearly organized from the beginning, especially since it must be mentioned in the addendum to his work contract. Indeed, firms usually include a section in the addendum to the work contract identifying the date of return of the employee. In general, the employer specifies that the employee will go back to his old position upon return from his assignment abroad.

However, it is often hard for the employee to come back to his old position. Indeed, during his assignment, the employee usually had more responsibilities and more freedom then in his old job. For this reason, human resources need when possible to find a new position to the employee that is more aligned with the new skills acquired by the employee during the assignment. Human resources must also take into account the employee’s desire to work in a particular geographical location.

The return can also be very difficult for the employee and his family since, during the assignment, the employee and his family were often assisted in many ways (housing, car, schools, etc), which may have made life easier abroad than at home.

Therefore, prepare his return carefully in order for him to adapt himself back to his old life. You must think about the job he will hold after his return, the area where he will work and maybe help him find a new house.

Some firms also assist the employee’s spouse in finding a new job upon the return home. However, the employee must also prepare his return by implicating himself in this process.

Overall, once could say that a successful expatriation is not only a good expatriation but also a good return.